Shanya Tsai

Savvy Closet is inspired by Shanya Tsai and her life experience in New York City. In 2013, Shanya moved to the Big Apple from Taiwan. As an expatriate settling down in New York, she found that life can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Like most women in the city, Shanya immerses herself in fashion. However, constructing a wardrobe in the ever-changing face of fashion, with a limited budget and without the help of friends, can be daunting. 

The aha moment came to her when she was sitting at a Sunday church service. As the pastor was sharing the spirit of helping each other to be a better person, Shanya said to herself, “Yes, let’s help each other by exchanging outfit ideas and provide recommendations through an app. Let’s connect and chat!”

The mission of Savvy Closet is to bring people together. By connecting to like-minded friends over fashion, we can all be the best of ourselves and shine in the spotlight. 



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