We believe:

Dressing up together is fun.

We believe the experience of shopping for clothes online and offline should be timeless. Through the HangRr App, a personal outfit style guide, we deliver more than just a piece of clothing with a specified size and price, we transform your life with a curated style recommended by authentic, like-minded fashion peers within events in the shops.


New styles nearby

Fashion is in the streets for us to explore and experience. Through the HangRr (app), we connects you to the shops where greets you and your friends with refreshments and ready-to-wear outfits.

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Get Styled together

Get styled for the important occasion can be fun, easy and quick when you have like-minded friends shop with you. Through the HangRr app, you are networked with others through try-on happy hours and access to the community of styles and love.


Authentic Connections

Be authentic! In the HangRr app community, we bring people together in the store and get personalized styling tips from both peers and professionals.


How does it work?

I.HangRr Try-on happy hours

Through the HangRr app try-on happy hour events, you can explore new style looks and learn few styling tips from style professionals while enjoying refreshments. See Upcoming Events.

II.get styled on-the-go by appointment (coming soon)

Picking a great outfit for the next event can be as convenient as picking up a cup of coffee. Through the HangRr app, you can find the outfit style by the particular occasion, and get styled on your way to the next event.


February 2019

I really love the HangRr App community!

At a recent event I met fashion stylist Beverly who provided great wardrobe tips and I look forward to meeting more like-minded people as I explore new styles and get feedback on how to dress for success from the HangRr App community.

Kevin C.



Build the HangRr community

We believe the feeling of good ourselves are more than just dressing up for success. By helping others with outfit looks, we feel empowered.

Join the HangRr community. Let’s Hang!