Shanya is the founder of Savvy Closet Inc. and the product manager of HangRr app. Before she takes a leap of faith to work on her startup, she built her career as a finance reporter and a TV news anchor in her 20s and changed her career path to tech and digital marketing after graduating from business school in San Francisco, CA. She helped two startups in New York City with growing revenue to 200% by optimizing digital ads spending on Google and initiating marketing campaigns based on sales goals.




Rashida has more than fours years work experience in the hospitality industry. She is a detail-oriented person and passionate on bringing people together through events planning. Rashida is also a professional event photographer. Combining her hospitality and photography experiences, she is able to bring event planning services to the next level. Currently, she is eager to apply her experience in the fashion industry.

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Josh has twenty plus years of experience in product development, technology and strategy working for a number of Fortune 100 companies and startups. Most recently he was EVP of product & technology for RealConnex, (LinkedIn meets for real-estate professionals). Prior to RealConnex he was SVP Product & Technology for Oxygen Finance a UK Fintech Start-up (IPO February 2018). Before this, Mr. Lavinsky was Vice President of Product for B2B Payments at JP Morgan Chase. Prior to JP Morgan, he held a number of IT Executive positions at the Walt Disney Company and Lockheed Martin including working on the design of advanced aircraft for the famed Skunkworks. He holds several patents in the finance and consumer electronics space and is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.