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The ultimate personal shopper and style guide

Savvy Closet Inc. seeks to empower people to fall back in love with in-store shopping.

New York, NY, June 2019 – Tired of not knowing what to wear for important events? Wouldn’t it be simpler to receive personalized outfit-styling tips when you turn on your phone, and then go to a local store and get styled in-person? New-York based startup Savvy Closet Inc. is empowering people who need help dressing for success by building an authentic, collaborative, and impactful community. Its HangRr app gathers various outfit looks for different occasions based on seasonal styles in local shops and uses fashion to create connections with like-minded people.

The app makes shopping seamless. It’s the ultimate personal shopper and style guide. The HangRr app provides daily styling tips based on your personal taste on your phone. When you want to try a new look, it provides clothing choices for you, saving valuable search time. It does more than just recommend a piece of clothing with a specified size and price, it also provides directions to the shop where you can buy it. The app also allows you to receive feedback about potential looks from the community, but it’s more than just compliments about an outfit, they’re a part of inclusive relationships that will transform your life with curated styles recommended by authentic, like-minded fashion peers. The app also helps local shops as well, by allowing them to provide outfits that satisfy customers’ personal style needs and therefore increase their customer base and empower HangRr users to fall in love with in-store shopping. Shops can also host events that further deepen relationships formed on the app.

The HangRr app features:

  • A personal stylist in your pocket: Daily style tips based on your personal style.

  • Curated fashion looks: Complete outfit looks based on an important event coming up.

  • Shopping Details: Price, outfit recommendations for particular occasions, and shop location information about specific clothing items.

  • A new way of forming relationships: HangRr allows people that love fashion to connect and build lifelong relationships.

Savvy Closet Inc.’s mission is to empower people to achieve the success and happiness of their dreams through the connections of like-minded people over fashion. Every employee of Savvy Closet Inc. has been proud to be a part of bringing Savvy Closet Inc. to the world. Helping create an inclusive, empathetic, and impactful community that helps each other become their best selves by helping them dress the part. Savvy Closet Inc. hopes to continue to expand its community and make people fall in love with in-person shopping again.

Savvy Closet is inspired by Shanya Tsai and her life experience in New York City. In 2013, Shanya moved to the Big Apple from Taiwan. As an expatriate settling down in New York, she found that life can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Like most women in the city, Shanya immerses herself in fashion. The aha moment came to her when she was sitting at a Sunday church service. As the pastor was sharing the spirit of helping each other to be a better person, Shanya said to herself, “Yes, let’s help each other by exchanging outfit ideas and provide recommendations through an app. Let’s connect and chat!”